What do you need to know before purchasing a cooling fan?

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Cooling fans are widely used in various industries. However, we do not know how to purchase a suitable batch of cooling fans for the company. Before purchasing cooling fans, we need to understand some parameters and required functions in order to better combine our own equipment and improve production efficiency.

1. Types of heat dissipation fans: Generally, heat dissipation fans are divided into DC fans, AC fans, EC fans, cross flow fans, etc., and can be selected according to their own product needs.

2. The main parameters of the cooling fan include size, voltage, current, power, air volume, static pressure, noise, lifespan, and bearing system (double ball bearings, hydraulic bearings, oil bearings). These parameters are directly related to the cooling performance of the cooling fan, whether it is energy-saving, has a long lifespan, and is quiet.

3. The functions of the cooling fan include soft start function, lock protection function, overvoltage protection, FG speed measurement function, RD alarm function, TC temperature control function, PWM speed regulation function, waterproof function (waterproof function can be selected in harsh environmental conditions such as outdoor, humid, dusty areas, etc., and the waterproof level gradually increases from IP54 to IP68), which are all customizable functions.

4. Certification of cooling fans: UL, CE, ROHS, FCC, etc. (You can choose what certification is required based on your device positioning)

5. Cooling fan power cord: The wiring sequence, wire length, terminals, etc. should be clearly understood and combined with your own equipment.