How can the cooling fan achieve a lifespan of up to 70000 hours?

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The length of service life of any product is closely related to its cost. If a product has a longer service life, the average daily cost will be lower. Relatively speaking, a product cannot be used in just a few days, which not only increases the daily cost but also affects the progress of equipment production. Secondly, the service life of a product is not only related to the time and cost of customers, but also to the strength and image of one's own company. If a company can develop high-quality and long-lasting products, its strength cannot be underestimated.

Strictly control raw materials: I believe everyone knows that the quality of a product depends on the raw materials used. In order to ensure product quality, the selected raw materials are all imported according to international environmental standards, with stable quality. In addition, during the production process, we never cut corners and uphold the spirit of craftsmanship, with the goal of pursuing zero defects and providing customers with products that exceed expectations.

Innovative production process: The level of research and development and production process play a crucial role in the quality of products. Otherwise, even if high-quality raw materials are used and the production process is not up to standard, product quality and practical life will still be difficult to guarantee. The company has a research and development team. For more than 10 years, it has continuously improved the quality and stability of its products, pushed through the old to bring forth the new, improved the process, optimized the production process, and improved the performance. It is committed to providing product supporting services for household electrical equipment, office equipment, space industry, auto parts, ventilation systems, mechanical equipment, communication equipment and other industries.

Strict testing procedures: In order to ensure product quality and service life, the cooling fan must undergo multiple testing procedures and reliability testing. The company currently has air volume and pressure testers, a silent room, and a multifunctional motor tester, which can make accurate and reliable measurements for the development of finished and new products, ensuring product functionality. In addition, in order to meet the reliability and lifespan requirements, Sanmei Electric conducts 15 specified tests on all products, such as temperature rise, high and low temperature tests during the development and mass production stages, to ensure the reliability of the products.